We are revolutionizing the home maintenance industry by delivering a custom blend of services at half the price of other vendors. Try us for just $9!


Garage Door Repair


     Full service managers are trained to complete a variety of tasks such as lawn care, pest control, pruning, pool cleaning, gutter cleaning, air filter changes and even  exterior light bulb replacement during one visit.

    Our simple multi-task scheduling strategy reduces travel costs.  We pass the savings  to you in a monthly maintenance plan with no long term obligation.

     All services are performed by our licensed and insured W-2 employees. We do not hire subcontractors. Request a free service package quote today!



     A 2,300 square foot home on a quarter acre property typically requires forty lawn mowing services per year, four weed and fertilizer treatments, one core aeration service, one seeding service, one bed weeding and mulching service, two shrub trimmings, four general lawn clean ups,  two window washing visits, one carpet cleaning, six mosquito control applications, three air filter changes, one air conditioning and heating system tune up, three pest control applications, and ten additional hours of various services such as gutter cleaning, power washing, and storm clean up.

   The average cost for all of these property maintenance services add up to  more than $5,000 per year when purchased from multiple vendors. Demifare provides all of these services along with a dedicated personal services concierge for just $199 per month.  That's full service, for half price!


Eco Lawn Grants
Mow Trim Blow





Mosquito Blasters



   Please also visit the websites of our individual divisions for more detailed information about our specific property maintenance services.